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At this level you are able to understand a wide range of long texts with a certain level of demand, as well as recognize implicit meaning. You are able to express yourself fluently and spontaneously without  effort to find the adequate expression.

You are able to make a flexible and effective use of language for social, professional  and academic purposes. You are able to produce clear, well-structured and detailed text on complex subjects, showing a right use of organizational patterns, articulation and cohesion of the text.



Seven Practice tests


* 10 hours advanced listening,



* history and influence

* technology

* human rights

* moral values

* science

* medicine

* leisure

* health



* newspapers

* extract from novel

* magazines

*investigation articles

* news of researchers


Use of English

* a wide use of prefixes and suffixes of the nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs.



* essay

* article

* competition entry

* proposal



* reference

* prospectus

* information sheet


Course Duration

Advanced English Course will have a duration of 100 hours, each hour of class is 50 minutes, weekly the student will receive 4 hours of tutoring in the virtual platform, this course will take place in about  6 months. During the purchase the student will receive a specification contract.

Platform Tutoring Timetable

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 – 9:30 PM


The Price for this level is:  £690,00

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Sign Up Here Course Level C1 Advanced 1

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