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The student at this level will  be able to understand the main ideas of complex texts on both specific and abstract topics, even if it is a technical discussion,  on condition that the discussion is according to his field of expertise.

The student  at this level has achieved the ability to interact with native speakers with enough fluently and spontaneity, so that communication is possible without strain between the speakers.

At this level the student can produce clear and detailed texts on various topics, and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue, explaning the pros and cons of various options.


– Comparatives

– Superlatives

– Irregular verbs II, III part

– Modal Verbs

– Phrasal Verbs

– Pasive Voice

– Might + Continuous pasive

– Might + Perfect continuous

– Might Perfect pasive

-Past Perfect continuous

– Future Tense

– Will + Continuous

– Will + bare infinitive

– Will +  Present Perfect

Course Duration

Upper Intermediate Level B2 will have a duration of 30 hours, each hour of class is 50 minutes, weekly the student will receive 4 hours of tutoring in the virtual platform, this course will take place in about 2 months. During the purchase the student will receive a specification contract.

Platform Tutoring Timetable

Wednesday and Friday: 6:15- 7:55PM


The cost for this course is: $130,00

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